60 Day Challenge

Change your body, change your life!

One of our favorite studio traditions – the Bikram Yoga 60 Day Challenge is offered in winter starting January 1-15, and in summer starting July 1-15.

Practice 60 classes in 60 days

“Give me 30 days, I’ll change your body. Give me 60 days, I’ll change your life.”

Challenge yourself to accomplish something with your Bikram practice that’s beyond what you imagine you can do. This is an opportunity to commit to YOU, to your health. After all, what’s the most important thing in your life? (Spoiler alert: It’s YOUR LIFE.)

Goal for it!

A consistent and frequent Bikram Yoga practice brings optimal health and vitality. Taking good care of yourself in every moment of every class will make changes in your body and your life – that’s the ultimate goal. Want a fresh start? All you need to do is show up and breathe, the rest will unfold, like a flower petal blooming. 🌸

Why do it?

Benefits include (but are not limited to):

  • Learn how to keep your cool, anytime and anywhere
  • Sleep better
  • Lose some weight (physically, but also emotionally)
  • Make (and keep) a schedule
  • Learn how to concentrate
  • Finally, finally, finally lock your knee
  • Feel less like a zombie, more like a human
  • Make new friends
  • And many more!

We’ve heard it from hundreds (literally, hundreds) of students. Find your reason to take the Bikram Yoga 60 Day Challenge, and sign up.

How to do it

🗓 You can start anytime in the first 15 days. Sign up at the front desk.

🌎 You can also participate online – let us know and we’ll sign you up.

🧘‍♀️ Practice 60 classes in 60 days. If you miss a day, you can make it up with a double (no triples.)

🌟 Track your progress with a star on the studio tracking board, or we’ll give you one for your fridge.

🥳 Party with prizes at the end – share your experience with fellow yogis and bring your friends and family.

💸 It’s all free! We do it for you – regular membership applies.

🤔 The Challenge includes a complimentary Online Yoga Q+A.

👉 Join our online community for information and inspiration: BYSJ Everywhere, a group on Facebook.

Hear from our members

30 day do-it-yourself challenge

Don’t want to wait?

Introducing the 30 Day Do-it-yourself Challenge.

Your personal alternative to the Bikram Yoga 60 Day Challenge. Start any time and practice 30 classes in 30 days. Help yourself to a sign-up card on the community wall and give yourself a star after class. ⭐️ “30 days to change your body…”