Bikram Basics

New to Bikram Yoga? Want to learn the right way?

If you’re on our Intro Month or a Groupon, join us for this two-hour complimentary orientation workshop tailored for you as a yoga beginner. Come and learn the Bikram Yoga basics for a successful, rewarding practice.

Bikram Basics session for yoga beginners
Bikram Basics discussion in the lobby
Bikram Basics session

We cover the basics of what you need and how to prepare yourself for class – hydration, eating, equipment, booking, etc.

We teach the basics of the Bikram Yoga postures (asanas) and how to approach the class, whether you are healthy or working to heal yourself.

We practice some of the postures together without the full heat of a normal class and also explore the role the heat plays in revitalizing your body and mind.

We also cover where to learn more about Bikram Yoga, beyond the class environment.

This is an opportunity to meet some of our teachers in a small, relaxed group and address any questions or challenges you may have as a beginner to Bikram Yoga.

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Bikram Basics is complimentary during your Intro Month or Groupon, so take advantage! It’s held on the second and fourth Saturday of the month from 1:00-3:00 pm.