How did you first discover Bikram yoga?

My coworker asked me to go to a class with him in 2018, and I practiced for one month – that was my first time ever. After that, I wanted to do the 60 Day Challenge but never got the chance. I started again on October 30, 2023, and haven’t missed a single day since then. I think I’m on day 90; I don’t count it anymore. You can never be the best at yoga because you will always find something to get better at. That’s why I am here. 

What have you gained from your yoga practice?

I practice how to listen and pay undivided attention to what I am doing in the moment. It’s definitely getting better every day. I use what I practice in class in everyday life; it’s very helpful to living life with ease. 

I got better at responding and speaking only when I need to speak! I’ve met some good human beings who’ve been very helpful since day one!

bikramjeet joshi climbing a pole at the peak of a mountain
bikramjeet joshi on top of a mountain above the clouds
bikramjeet joshi doing pull-ups

What has been your greatest struggle or accomplishment?

Well, it’s a struggle every day in my yoga practice, and the accomplishment is getting through that struggle. I keep getting through it and keep improving mentally, physically, and spiritually. Life is easy; yoga is not. With practicing yoga, I don’t have to try to get better. Getting better just happens! 

What advice would you give new students or those struggling with their practice?

Everyone has a different goal. I advise everyone to enjoy the process. Your body will thank you forever! We do the same practice every day and keep getting better and better at something – silence, stillness, listening, conciseness, consistency, discipline, clarity, patience, etc. Pay attention to the dialogue and follow what the teachers are saying. And be thankful if they call your name in class because they have something significant to share with us. It might take us forever to do some postures, but eventually, we will get there – or maybe not, but we will surely get better!

bikramjeet joshi before and after weight loss
bikramjeet joshi before and after weight loss

What do you like to do outside of yoga?

I work out at the gym and run every day, and hike a couple of times every week. I call myself an adventurer because life has given me so much life to live! I’ve done skydiving to overcome my fear of heights, and since then, I’ve been in love with heights! 

I used to weigh 340 lbs. I’ve lost 200 lbs. over ten years! I never thought in my wildest dreams ten years ago that I would be who I am today. Life is an amazing experience. It takes only one aha moment to realize it, but when you see how beautiful life is, you start living it as play, and it’s so joyful!

My yoga practice helps me eat better and fast for longer hours. I always say to myself I don’t do anything harder than yoga. I’ve run ultra-marathons in the snow and have done other tough physical challenges, but still, nothing is harder than yoga. Yoga helps me get better at something every day!