BYSJ Posture Clinics

Bring your postures to a clinic to get practical advice and make progress.

Do you have specific questions about your Bikram Yoga postures? Do you feel like you’ve leveled off and want more progress? Our quarterly BYSJ Posture Clinics will help you explore your unique issues, gain awareness, and fine-tune your postures.

Three experienced BYSJ teachers lead each session and tune in to every student’s specific needs. They take the time to assist and demonstrate, with precision, each posture’s technique and true intention.

Each BYSJ Posture Clinic focuses on a portion of the original Bikram Yoga sequence in an interactive group setting without the full heat and capacity of a regular class. These two-hour clinics are for beginners and experienced practitioners alike.

Bring your questions and find your breakthroughs! Visit our events calendar to find the next clinic and sign up.

matt assists at the BYSJ posture workshop
Nirvava assists at the BYSJ posture workshop
Assisting with Standing Bow pose at a BYSJ posture clinic.
BYSJ posture clinic logo
ali bassiri comments on the bysj posture clinic

“After ten years of doing Bikram Yoga, I had settled into my routine with no expectation of further improvement. However, I was still unhappy with my posture because I could not touch my toes with locked knees.

I’m still baffled how a simple tip to straighten my spine more during the Standing Head-to-Knee pose allowed me to touch my toes! I’ve always known the little things in life make a big difference. But when you’re the beneficiary of it, it’s rapturous!

It’s a no-brainer. Attend the posture clinic!”

Ali Bassiri