Posture Workshops

Take your practice to a new level

BYSJ provides quarterly posture workshops as an educational supplement to grow into the Bikram Yoga practice and maximize your results. Three experienced BYSJ teachers facilitate each session to help you get the individual attention needed to deepen your understanding and awareness.

Matt Newman leads a posture workshop
Yi-ting assists workshop attendees
Sarah Newman leads a posture exercise

In each workshop we focus on a particular area of postural awareness. It’s an opportunity to explore the finer points of our yoga postures in a casual group setting without the full heat and capacity of a regular class. These two-hour interactive posture workshops are intended for beginners and experienced practitioners alike. Bring your questions!

“Wonderful workshop! It was a game changer for me – I practiced using all the new information and my shoulders are feeling great! Thank you.”

– Kim Jackman

Practice drills and learn new skills

We work with simple preparatory exercises and select Bikram Yoga postures. You’ll learn practical techniques using the Bikram Yoga postures and extra drills and exercises to restore and maintain your strength, balance, and flexibility. Teachers will guide you and help you understand what to do and how to do it.

Take your Bikram Yoga practice to the next level! Visit our events calendar to find the next session and sign up.

Posture workshop attendees