We haven’t stopped celebrating since our Anniversary Party on January 21. How proud I am, as BYSJ owner, that our very own Cynthia Wehr won the Fourth Annual Bishnu Charan Ghosh Cup as both the National and International Champion! Cynthia, as we all know, is both a frequent teacher and a fellow student at our studio, practicing Bikram Yoga right next to you in class everyday. She is not only a yoga champion in technique and form, but also a champion at heart with her beauty and grace exemplifying yoga’s ability to unite mind, body, and soul. Congratulations, Cynthia! 

This year’s competition in which both Cynthia and I took part has opened up a whole new dialogue at the studio. I hear many of you expressing interest in the competition next year. This is the biggest prize of all.  Your confidence and desire to participate demonstrate our mission at BYSJ to foster an environment that encourages learning, inspiration and self-realization.   

We get emails from many students expressing yoga’s healing benefits: “I sleep better”, “my posture is noticed everywhere I go”, “I don’t awake with back pain” and the list goes on. However, it appears that the healing is just the beginning becoming the foundation that creates a springboard to participate in activities that once seemed impossible. 

On April 15th, Spring Teacher Training begins in Hawaii. For the first time, BYSJ will have a few students taking part to become certified in the Bikram Teaching Method. And, the 60 Day Challenge nears the end.  In the three years that BYSJ started this challenge, this is the first time that most participants who started will finish! Despite the soreness, frustration and difficulty in getting here to practice, so many students have shown the discipline needed to stay the course. How inspiring!

Yes, we have much to celebrate. Mark your calendars for March 24th after the 6:30 pm class when we will throw a party to acknowledge our 60 Day Challengers with prizes, food, camaraderie and more., be prepared to share your story about your journey to get here and champion this feat – 60 consecutive days of yoga. 

Winners, like Cynthia, succeed by their dedication, day-in and day-out. A winning attitude can make us all champions. “If you think you can or if you think you can’t, you are right,” so the saying goes. We at BYSJ share a common bond to focus on potential rather than short comings AND we do it together. Beginning practitioners couldn’t be in a better place. Our studio exemplifies how the power of a community can empower so many individually.

Thank you challengers. Thank you Cynthia. Thank you Spring 2007 Teacher Trainees. Thank you members. Your affirming pursuit of personal growth moves me deeply, and continues to motivate my intentions to offer the award-winning yoga studio experience that is BYSJ. –Michele Vennard