Growth and gratitude

BYSJ is open and alive, even after the many challenges we’ve endured since March 2020 – for which we are grateful with every cell in our hearts!

The foundation of our community is YOU and every student who comes through the doors (and Zoom portal) of Bikram Yoga San Jose – it’s your commitment to your health and your yoga practice. You have been the inspiration to keep us open and keep us growing.

In the coming years, we need to recuperate from the setbacks, heal financially from two years of closures and restrictions, and keep growing.

We appreciate any donation you are able to give to contribute to the vitality of Bikram Yoga San Jose.

Thank you, and keep practicing. The #1 thing we want you to do is practice! Your dedication to showing up makes the most significant difference to you, to us at BYSJ, and to the world.