Growth. Gratitude. Giving.

Bikram Yoga San Jose recently reached a major milestone, creating a vibrant yoga community for over 20 years. We celebrate what BYSJ has become and are excited about where we’re going! Plans coming into place put us on a path to deliver more yoga in more ways for the next decade. We can’t wait to share what’s in store.

BYSJ has been in Westgate West since the beginning, and we’re grateful for the support of our landlord. When many businesses struggled and failed during Covid closures and capacity restrictions, they had our back. They recently forgave half of the past rent due, leaving $70,000 to pay off this year.

We also acquired an SBA (U.S. Small Business Administration) loan that helped fill in the financial gaps as we got back on our feet. It allowed us to stay the course and become more efficient in the process. Not a pretty time, but we are better for it!

Our members, too – many of you reading this, have lent a hand to support our vision, whether by maintaining memberships during uncertain times, lending or donating funds, or simply showing up through thick and thin – we’re forever thankful.

As BYSJ moves forward, we are paying off lingering amounts to sustain our momentum.

Here’s how you can help

1 – Contribute funds to help us close the gap on past rent due and SBA loan repayment from Covid-era shutdowns – any amount is sincerely appreciated.

2 – BYSJ offers many programs at no cost to new students and existing members. Help us offset these costs with money that contributes to their success, such as:

Online Yoga Q&As give everyone precious time to discuss their practice; $150.

60 Day Challenge parties are among our most inspiring events; $500

3 – Support us bit-by-bit. Many of our long-time members have a special locked-in low rate on their unlimited plan – contact us to increase your monthly or annual rate. You can also choose to make a recurring gift when donating.

Thank you for contributing to the future of Bikram Yoga San Jose. 🤗