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Online Yoga Q&A

Saturday, August 17 – 2:00 pm-3:30 pm

BYSJ Online Yoga Q&A

A special gathering for everyone, everywhere

Want to get more out of your yoga practice? Feeling stuck or confused about something? We’re here for you.

This free online yoga Q&A session is hosted by BYSJ owner and founder Michele Vennard, with staff teachers Matt and Sarah Newman, and Rajashree.

No question is a bad question, so BRING IT! We will discuss the postures, breathing, your home practice, consistency, restarting, and anything else you would like to discuss.

Whether you’re attending or can’t make it, you can submit your questions in advance – a video of the session is posted afterward. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and check out the Q+A playlist so you never miss out.

This is a great opportunity to spend quality time with experienced teachers and leaders in the Bikram Yoga community. We hope to see you there. 🤗

Zoom room opens at 2:00 pm (Pacific) on Saturday, August 17.

Watch a recent Q&A

Topic Shortcuts

Michele Vennard, Matt and Sarah Newman, and Rajashree Choudhury hosted this recent Q&A with lots of stimulating discussion about the intentions of our postures. Doing things the right way brings the results, so listen in. Here are shortcuts to each main subject.

During Pranayama Breathing, should I aim to keep my thumbs connected to each other and to my chin? They often separate on the inhale.

Can I bend my knee on the way to the ground in Toe Stand, or is it better to fall forward into my hands?

Do we have palms facing up to the ceiling when we come up from Sit-up?

Maybe we should not add anything to the dialogue because of unintended consequences, like over-stretching causing injury. What do you think?

I have a student with Leukemia, currently receiving chemo, wondering if she can return to the practice.

I have neurology on my shoulder, and I’m concerned about straining my nerve. I wonder what the best next step is in my yoga practice.

In Stretching and Standing Separate Leg Stretching poses, if you can’t reach the feet, what’s the best way to get the stretch?

What’s the right way to come out of one side of Head to Knee (with Stretching) pose and go to the other side?


Saturday, August 17
2:00 pm-3:30 pm