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Online Yoga Q&A

Saturday, August 19, 2023 – 2:00 pm-3:30 pm

Online Yoga Q&A

A special gathering for everyone, everywhere

Wanting to get more out of your yoga practice? Feeling stuck or confused about something? We’re here for you. This free online yoga Q&A session is hosted by BYSJ owner and founder Michele Vennard, with staff teachers Matt and Sarah Newman, and Rajashree.

No question is a bad question, so BRING IT! We will discuss the postures, breathing, home setup and environment, consistency, restarting a practice, anything you like.

Whether you’re attending or can’t make it, you can submit your questions in advance – a video of the session is posted afterwards. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and check out the Q+A playlist so you never miss out.

We hope to see you there. 🤗

Zoom room opens at 2:00 pm on Saturday, August 19

Meeting ID: 889 1241 0011
Passcode: 879634

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Topic Shortcuts

0:45: I have dark spots at the base of both knees. I’m wondering if I’m just putting too much weight on my knees when they’re on the floor. Is this normal? I know some people also say they have chafing under their chin from Half Locust pose. Do I need to redistribute something to avoid this?

13:14: Standing Head to Knee pose is my nemesis. Do I still have to just keep struggling to try and get that leg locked? Or should I be happy with what I can do just lifting the leg up, being grateful for the fact that at my age, I can do that? And just go, “You know what? That’s enough.”

23:12: I’ve had trouble for years with Half Moon pose – I can never be sure I am bending correctly and I need guidance. I never really feel a stretch on my sides. I feel it mostly in my shoulders, or in my back, which I know can’t be right.

47:25: Rajashree joined in from Thailand and spoke about how this is the only yoga series where we focus on how the standing leg cannot be bent, and there is a reason for it. The foundation for our every movement starts with the legs.

50:30: In the second part of Awkward pose, when I’m high on my toes, I feel like I’m not getting as high as I used to. And when I come down low, I’m feeling it more in my knees. I wonder how to balance the weight to keep all of the joints well protected by using all of my legs.

55:07: In the first part of Awkward pose, is the object to get the the butt back first, then the upper body back? My tummy and breasts are pressing down on my thighs because I’m trying so hard to get the butt back and arms stretched forward.

1:08:30: Nirvana, a teacher at BYSJ, commented on how fear influences our practice. When students come to the studio, they acknowledge the physical aspects, but then there’s the mental fear of doing something, and trusting. “Can my body do that?” There’s a little bit of a trust that we have to build up, and practice safely.

1:13:12: Rajashree had a lot to say about being present and healing in the practice and in life. “The whole point during the 90 minutes is to be present. That’s why we get so much mental benefit, because most of the time we are going to the past and future. That’s why we feel that nice beautiful equanimity, and it gives us a whole day of beautiful energy. If you go out of sequence, you won’t feel that way. You’ve got to hold the pose, the way it is set up. If we switch anything, it’s changes the value of it.”

1:17:23: Kamal, a teacher in the UK, brought up some challenges he faces leading class. What’s the best approach to deal with students focusing on their smart watches and other diversions that take away from being focused and present in their practice?


Saturday, August 19, 2023
2:00 pm-3:30 pm