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Online Yoga Q&A

Saturday, February 17 – 2:00 pm-3:30 pm

Online Yoga Q&A

A special gathering for everyone, everywhere

Wanting to get more out of your yoga practice? Feeling stuck or confused about something? We’re here for you. This free online yoga Q&A session is hosted by BYSJ owner and founder Michele Vennard, with staff teachers Matt and Sarah Newman, and Rajashree.

No question is a bad question, so BRING IT! We will discuss the postures, breathing, home setup and environment, consistency, restarting a practice, anything you like.

Whether you’re attending or can’t make it, you can submit your questions in advance – a video of the session is posted afterwards. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and check out the Q+A playlist so you never miss out.

We hope to see you there. 🤗

Zoom room opens at 2:00 pm (Pacific) on Saturday, February 17.

Meeting ID: 847 9633 4755
Passcode: 638966

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Topic Shortcuts

We hosted another of our quarterly Online Yoga Q&As on November 18, 2023, with Rajashree and Michele joining in from Thailand at Bikram’s teacher training, and Matt and Sarah Newman here in San Jose. There was a thorough discussion about breathing techniques and some focus on postural alignment issues. Here is a summary of questions that arose with shortcut links to that subject.

I’ve heard about breathing exercises that breathe with or through the stomach. Is Pranayama done with the stomach at all? I’m focused on breathing through my nose and throat, and my stomach expands, so I’d like to clarify and confirm.

In Wind Removing pose, I often feel like my hip needs to pop before I can get into proper alignment. It seems to help and feels good, but is it harmful?

My arms tend to get very heavy by the time I get to Triangle sometimes. Is it from not stretching enough? Or too much tension in my shoulders?

In Bow Pose, I haven’t noticed much strength coming from my spine. Do I need to find a way to engage the back muscles more?

Is it inherently dangerous to teach someone how to breathe more efficiently? It might make them push harder in a way they aren’t adapted to. Maybe for someone younger it should be more of a self discovery process?

Why do some teachers do the second set of Blowing in Firm pose so fast? What is the best way to approach a really fast set?

Making sure there’s ease in the breathing has been a big focus in Rajashree’s recent teaching.

Sometimes when I’m not in San Jose I can only get to a 60-minute class. Do you have any perspective on how I can make the most of it?


Saturday, February 17
2:00 pm-3:30 pm