Got Groupon?

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Our Groupon offer is available to anyone who has not been to Bikram Yoga San Jose for over a year. If you have, please see our memberships page for other options.

You have 120 days to redeem your Groupon. Once you take your first class, you’ll have two months to finish. We hope you’ll come more often to experience the amazing benefits this practice can offer. 🤗

Follow these steps to get started, and check out the video and first-time tips below.

Click “Sign up now” on the form below to create your account.

Contact us and provide your
7-digit redemption code.

Book your first class! We have
35 per week to choose from.

Tour the studio with owner Michele Vennard

Taking your first class

Arrive at least 15 minutes early to get acquainted

Doors open 30 minutes before class and lock when class begins.

Bring a mat, towel, and water bottle

We also sell these items, and mat and towel rentals are available. We have a filtered water station and changing rooms with showers and self-coded lockers.

We look forward to meeting you!