Yoga for every body, every day, everywhere, evermore

Sustaining a Yoga Practice, No Matter What, is an abrupt way of saying, “The most important thing in your life is your life.” You get one life, so take care of it, no matter what.

This International Day of Yoga, rise up in action to do your yoga, NO MATTER WHAT. Didn’t it amaze you all what we learned and could do during the pandemic years, despite being stripped of our usual way of doing things? I, for one, never would have thought, let alone agree, to do a REAL yoga practice at home while the teacher watched and taught you through the lens of a small camera, OR do yoga in a parking lot – but we did! Gratefully, I stayed open to the experiences.

Today, we still offer livestream classes as a way to keep your yoga practice going, no matter what. The pandemic also tested our excuses; were they valid or justifiable reasons not to practice? Don’t have the space in your house? During those lockdown times, the bathroom or garage was just fine. Lots of noise in your house? No problem, as so many of you put your audio on mute and challenged yourself to concentrate right through the commotion of kids and pets running around.

on International Day of Yoga we remember parking lot yoga.
on International Day of Yoga we remember online Zoom yoga.
on International Day of Yoga we remember outdoor nature yoga.

If anything, those years without woke us up to how important stretching is, even when the atmosphere isn’t ideal. I think it translated right into other obstacles that stop a practice: Injured? Stretch where you can even WITH the circumstance, have a busy schedule, and can’t find the time? It’s NOT a problem; use our Youtube channel, select from one of the many recorded audio classes, and do your yoga anytime, anywhere.

On March 16, 2020, the world shut down for a long time. Three years later, we are still waking up from a “what happened” coma. Human nature will have us go back to older habits. Years from now, we’ll come to say, “Wow, I had so much willpower to do things that I never thought I could do.”

So like anything, we have to keep strengthening that muscle that kept us practicing no matter what. This International Day of Yoga, go within and recall how the yoga helped you through that stressful time. Remember the moments you finished a practice at home and had the energy to cook yet another meal for the kids; zoom fatigue vanished for a while, and from that online practice, it held the promise of a good night’s sleep.

Yoga is funny as it is beginning to show us through the test of time that it is NOT a fad. It’s not going away; instead, it’s pushing for attention front and center in my life and yours. It’s on its way to priority status because it is FOR YOU; FOR EVERYONE. We can’t stop it if we wanted to, and let’s be grateful. If there were one tool to make the world a better place, it would be yoga. Come in and practice; show your support that yoga is THE way; whether your practice has suffered, you’ve never done it before, or you come all the time – June 21, show up and impress upon yourself that you will sustain your yoga NO MATTER WHAT!