It’s been over two years since shelter-in-place for the COVID pandemic began on March 16th, 2020, bringing unique challenges and solutions to delivering Bikram Yoga to you.

Thanks to our staff, especially our management team, for getting creative in delivering Bikram Yoga in new ways over the past two years. Because of them, our community and our business have endured!

The MVP award, of course, goes to our finance manager, Shirley Pak. With her tenacity, we secured two PPPs and an SBA Disaster Relief Loan that continues to bolster us. Without these funds, BYSJ would not have had the mental and creative space to grow as we have: building our online community, creating a worldwide social media presence, becoming trusted as a global Bikram Yoga authority, and learning even more about the blessing that is Bikram Yoga. 

Even without the heat, the mirrors, the room, or each other, our teachers understood that Bikram Yoga, ‘stripped-down’ to the power of the dialogue, remains a powerful conduit for health and self-realization. As students, you know the truth of this. So many of you have thanked BYSJ for facilitating a more mature, blossoming understanding of this yoga.

What a developmental and challenging two years it has been! 

I can feel the seeds we planted over this time begin to bear fruit as we continue to work towards our vision of sharing Bikram Yoga far and wide. Over the past 20 years, BYSJ has overcome many adverse situations that would have ended most businesses. But as this pandemic has shown us, Bikram Yoga has the power to persevere. Lean on it; in its infinite nature, you will thrive. I believe that anything with such power to help humankind cannot fail. BYSJ is LIFE-proof!

students line up for class in the lobby

I am so deeply grateful for our strong community  

It’s true when out-of-town folks say, “what a special place you have!” or “I have not seen such a consistent studio as this!” It’s our togetherness that makes this place hum! I often see my job as the owner to be much like a guardian, protecting and nurturing this living sanctuary. It is the greatest honor of my life.

I’m also grateful to many of you members who have contributed financially to our well-being as a business. The generosity that flows so easily from so many of you overwhelms me. I’ve often been asked how you can help even more, and here’s my answer:

First and foremost is this: practice, practice, practice. We are made for YOU to be here and get the most out of yourself to be the best you can be, and that’s the priority. A ripple effect spreads outwards when one person shifts into a more enlightened state, and others are drawn to the same.

If you’d STILL like to do more (and are able), we have created a new donations page. It will allow you to give something towards paying back the costs we bore during the two years of closures and restrictions.

BYSJ is not at a loss against the heights we want to climb – that’s there! Getting fit financially is the tall task in front of us right now to keep delivering Bikram Yoga. We have the patience, the Bulldog determination, and the Bengal Tiger strength. Locking the knee has prepared us for challenges and victories – we are prepared in faith. And with YOU, our bursting community of love, we are prepared to be around, here, and everywhere

Thank you, as always, for all the ways you continue to show your love and support of me, Bikram Yoga San Jose, and our mission. 

Lots of love, Michele