My husband, Sundar Narayanan, has been practicing at Bikram Yoga San Jose for the past 12 years. Anyone who knows Sundar will also know that one cure he will suggest for any ailment, even a simple headache, is Bikram Yoga.

So when I sprained my ankle during a hike in April 2021, I was mentally down and moping around the house – my usual 8-mile-a-day routine went to zero. The next thing Sundar said was, “come to BYSJ, and you will be back to normal in 30 days.”

I joined BYSJ to prove Sundar wrong since the doctor said it would take at least six weeks for the sprain to heal. In the very first class, all I could do was the breathing exercises. I would sit, watch my ankle, and mope for most of the class. Teacher Matt Newman noticed this in one of his classes and said, “your ankle isn’t going anywhere, don’t worry.” It was funny and made me realize he had a point. So I stopped looking at it and tried to do as much as possible.

At the end of day 30, I could do most of the poses. I still wouldn’t say Sundar was right, but I felt much better physically and mentally. I went on to complete the 60 Day Summer Challenge in 2021, which made this healing process even more memorable for life!

Sangeetha Srinivasan and Sundar Narayanan hiking

What have you gained from your Bikram Yoga practice? Any advice for others?

This yoga practice helped me recognize my strengths and weaknesses – what I can endure mentally and physically. With every class, with every BYSJ teacher giving me corrections, I have been able to push myself and do better.

The one piece of advice I would give new students or those struggling with their practice is to trust the BYSJ teachers, listen to their dialogue in the hot room and then share your struggle or concerns with them later on if you need additional input. They are good at what they do and wish the best for each and every student.

Outside of yoga, I like to hike, watch movies, travel, and spend time with my family and friends.