“I want to skip Camel pose” is my initial instinct in every yoga class. For the first week, I avoided it altogether. However, my lower back started to ache, so I decided to give Camel pose a try. To my surprise, my back pain lessened, and I came to realize that each yoga posture has a unique and important role.

I took a hot yoga class during my pharmacy residency in Palm Springs. After moving back home to Campbell, my cousin introduced me to BYSJ, knowing I missed the warm desert climate. I loved it – the heated yoga studio allowed my muscles to stretch safely and helped me sweat out toxins.

BYSJ also played a big role in my recovery from wrist tendonitis and a lower back injury from a fall. Relieving my physical pain was what initially kept me coming back. Over the ten years, I learned to focus on my practice and not compare myself to others. This mindset helped me both in and out of the yoga studio. What makes BYSJ unique for me is its cleanliness and the supportive community – it feels like the teachers and students are on this journey together. Despite living 40 miles away, I make a point to return whenever possible.

Tami Chau does Camel Pose during her pregnancy
The pregnancy series 60 day challenge
Tami's son

One of my proudest achievements was completing two 60 Day Challenges – one while pregnant. Thanks to Rajashree’s daily pregnancy yoga practice, I avoided morning sickness and nausea. Even in my third trimester, I had good blood circulation and minimal back pain. I wanted to ensure I was both mentally and physically prepared for the birth of my child.

Now that my son, Quinten, is two years old, I consider it a blessing whenever I can find uninterrupted time to practice yoga. Life has its share of challenges, so I’m grateful to find peace on my yoga mat, whether in the studio or practicing online.

Here’s my advice for new students: don’t skip Camel pose, even if it seems intimidating. You might find it’s precisely what your body needs.

Tami Chau practices Awkward Pose during pregnancy
Tami Chau practices Balancing Stick pose during pregnancy