This past year many BYSJ connections have been there for me: the BYSJ Everywhere Facebook page, the prerecorded classes on YouTube, parking lot yoga on weekends, and the Zoom classes. I’m thankful for the class recordings I can use when that works for me; they are always available, and I feel the connection.

Parking lot yoga has wrapped its arms around me and said, “we are one.” My poses first released tears of sadness, confusion, and loneliness; then it turned into tears of togetherness, love, and support. Teachers reached out to each one of us on the tarmac. Amongst all the new distractions in the parking lot, I also found myself in a new place, lying in savasana, smiling while saying “thank you” to the trees shading my mat.

Lori in Eagle pose
Lori in Triangle pose
Lori in Standing Head-to-Knee pose

I practice Zoom yoga on my back patio or in my living room. Feeling blessed to see Maverick, my beautiful boxer cruising around giving kisses when he feels it’s appropriate, and at times he keeps me from going into a pose, or I forget the setup altogether. “Excuse me! I want a scratch, please.” Or I get a glimpse of my son or daughter coming and going, exchanging a brief smile. I can handle more distractions, so bring it on!

My home online yoga practice does not have a mirror or a 105-degree temperature, but I drop a few beads of sweat by toe stand when I’m near the fireplace. What I do have is a connection. The teachers bring their best to class and tell me to “kick, lock, lock more, move maybe an inch, breathe,” and always “don’t you dare give up.” I feel the love and group energy during Zoom class, and the happy tears flow in gratitude to BYSJ.

This past year, I’ve learned that it does not matter where or how I connect, only that I do, and it always brings me home. Thank you, Michele, and ALL the BYSJ teachers. You help me find myself over and over again. ❤️