How did you first discover Bikram yoga?

I had my first taste of Bikram Yoga almost a decade ago prior to having children. One of my patients with mold toxicity had completely regained her health with Bikram Yoga so I wanted to see what it was all about. I loved the few classes I took but never made it a priority especially after having children. The next 8 years would be some of the most stressful on my body and mind with 6 miscarriages, 2 beautiful babies and 2 moves across the country. I had joined a gym but group classes always left me pulling something out of whack and needing my own Chiropractor. I hired a good personal trainer at $65/hour and found it helpful for building strength but finding times that fit my schedule and was difficult.

Then this summer my husband had a horrific bicycle accident that had him in Stanford  hospital for 20 days  and recovering at home with me as his primary Care Taker for another 40 days. His recovery at 50 years old was really miraculous and the doctors still marvel at how quickly he recovered. The reason is he was in very good physical and mental shape from daily discipline of riding his bicycle and running about 12 miles a week. But I wanted what he had in a way that fit my body, health and demanding schedule.

What have you gained from your yoga practice?

That’s why I knew I needed yoga and preferably hot yoga to help me get back on track to optimal wellness. I found Bikram Yoga San Jose online and went to my first early morning class. The instructor and staff were so nice and helpful in helping me to understand what to expect. That entire day after my first class I felt so much more energy, decreased stress, and alertness. My next class I noticed that the big stressors of the day didn’t have my mind worrying or my blood pressure racing.

Mary demonstrates her Camel pose – healthy spine, healthy life.

What did you learn from Diane Ducharme’s Posture Clinic?

Within a week I attended Bikram Basics Beginner’s Orientation learning more about the postures and Bikram Yoga. This helped my understanding of the process and I saw results immediately in my next class. Teachers Matt and Sarah encouraged me to attend the next Posture Clinic with world renowned yoga teacher Diane Ducharme. I was the first student picked for a demonstration and she taught me how to understand my own body’s current range of motion.  I had been pushing outside of my “normal” comparing myself to others in class which resulted in a sore neck and back. She also showed me how to push my body in a relaxed and positive way. My learning and practice skyrocketed from spending 6 hours with Diane learning and doing. My next classes were amazing with increased strength and flexibility and no soreness or pulling things out of whack. Even an Instructor commented on my improved practice due to using Diane’s suggestions. 

As a chiropractor what would you say to the students of Bikram Yoga and those who want to try it?

As Chiropractor and Wellness Educator I understand the body and it’s innate abilities.  It’s only our lifestyle, daily stressors, trauma, and toxins that get us off the track of optimal wellness. I also understand that the benefits of Bikram Yoga increase the more frequently you take it. But I feel it’s not just about frequent practice but practicing the correct way. The free bi-monthly Bikram Basics Beginner’s Orientation offered at BYSJ teaching the postures are a necessity for anyone first starting Bikram Yoga. You will gain so much understanding and confidence! And for current students you are in the right place. Not only are the teachers exceptional in their teaching but also in their understanding of the body. Regularly practicing the right way will keep your body and spine healthy and happy.

I can’t wait to see what a year of regular Bikram Yoga does for my body, mind and soul!